Ridgeline Organizers for Sale

I am selling medium sized ridgeline organizers for hammocks. These are made from 0.7oz No-See-Um fabric with grosgrain trim and polyester thread.These organizers are a good size for all the small things you want easily accessible in your hammock such as a headlamp, glasses, iPod, cell phone, or small book.

Specs: Two pockets, one on either side. Pockets are approximately 8″ wide x 6″ tall. Overall length from top to bottom when hanging on a ridgeline is about 9″. Organizers weigh ONLY 0.7oz on USPS scales.

Options: Organizers come in either sewn channel or fold-over designs. Fold-over models will come with two side tabs so they can be attached via carabiners, Prussik knots, etc. if desired. Many thanks to JWright for the design suggestion! (Please specify if you would like side tabs on a channel-top organizer). I will install velcro tabs on the top for $1.00 extra.

Fold-Over Organizer:  Fold-Over Style Organizer Fold-Over Style OrganizerFold-Over Style Organizer

Channel Organizer (with optional side tabs):Sewn Channel Style OrganizerSewn Channel Style Organizer

Velcro Tab Organizer: Organizer with Optional Velcro TabsOrganizer with Optional Velcro Tabs

Price: Organizers are $6.00 each plus $3.00 shipping. Velcro tabs are an additional $1.00. Large orders of multiple organizers may incur additional shipping. I accept Paypal for payment.

CURRENT INVENTORY: There are currently between 12 to 15 ridgeline organizers available. Please contact me if you would like to arrange a custom order.

To Order: E-mail me at thejennabird@gmail.com with your name, shipping address, preferred organizer configuration (channel, foldover, velcro), and any additional information.


3 thoughts on “Ridgeline Organizers for Sale

  1. what do the Velcro tabs do? I assume the fold over one’s can have one side slipped over the ridge line in my Hennesy then maybe a Velcro tab to keep it from undoing if one side is heavier than the other?

    • Yup, with the foldover style, if you had only one side weighted down – say with a book or other heavy object – it would be off balance and may pull off the RL. (I put a zig-zag seam down the center to make a better “peak”, which sits on the line to help prevent this) This “pulling” is also mitigated by the side tabs. You can use biners or shackles to attach the bag to the line and keep it in place.

      However, people may still prefer velcro for its ease of attachment/removal. No biners or knots required! If you’d like more pictures of velcro versus foldover please let me know.

  2. Just got my organizers (ordered 3!) over here in Tokyo. The quality is excellent and they work wonderfully!! (I had a special request on the size, which worked out great!) Thanks Jenna!!!

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