About the Bird and the Blog

I am an outdoorsy, active, creative and generally “outsane” bird-nerd from the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from GWU with a BA in Biology and Fine Arts in 2011. Since then I’ve been busy accumulating field skills and applying to graduate school to become an Ornithologist.

Things I love: Cornflower blue, Jello, reading, sleeping, knitting, outdoor adventuring (ziplines, rafting, skiing, etc.), crafting, BIRDS.

This blog is my main outlet to post information about my adventures on the trail, in the woods, by the water, etc. It is also a place for me to sell crafty items that I may make during my DIY projects. They say sharing is caring, so let this blog and its contents be my way of sharing with you! Hey, it beats cooties, right?

Umm… I think that’s about it. Any questions?