My DIY Hammock

Figured I’d fill the space of this blog with a few more outdoorsy posts; a brief overview of what I was up to this summer and how it prompted this blog.

I decided to get into hammock camping because… well… hammocks are really awesome, comfy, and lightweight. Plus they can be easy to set up if you have the right suspension system. So I made myself a hammock! (The majority of this post is taken from my post on the hammock forums website, with a few more additions because space isn’t a priority)

This is a hammock of my own design – a combination of the WBBB (gathering method, shelf, fixed bug net) and Switchback (asym shape, hammock body, foot tie-outs). I made it double layered because I will need to go to ground at times, and therefore underquilts won’t cut it. Since I’ll be relying on pads, the double layer makes it more convenient.  Suspension is whoopie slings and tree huggers, also DIY, with marlin spike toggles. For the actual toggles I’m currently using some nice thick sticks I found on the ground. Very classy.

Many people frown upon taking designs from other manufacturers and making them yourself. They point out that it takes money away from the cottage manufacturers who originally came up with the design and are selling it. However, that was the reason I had to go DIY. Cost. It was either make-your-own or none at all. I just graduated college, my lease ends at the end of the month, and I don’t have a job yet because silly Jenna loves birds and wants to be an Ornithologist of all things. SO, as much as I would love to own a quality store bought hammock, I simply can’t afford it. I will say that it’s a LOT of work – the project took me a full weekend to complete (approx 25 hours of labor). So if you have the option, and don’t value the pride and epic-ness of home-made gear, feel free to go for the cottage industry makes instead! They’ll probably last you longer, too…

The DIY continues behind the cut