REI Used Gear Sale Bonzana!

Camped out at the Hillsboro REI to get in on some of the great used gear deals. We were the fourth tent in line, having arrived there at about 10:30pm. Fairly uneventful night sleep on a sidewalk in the boyfriends’ Sierra tent… except for a minor incident when he tried to steal my Trekker sleeping pad. Always the thief!

Best purchase of the day was a pair of Komperdell Carbon duo-lock trekking poles. Brand new – returned because one of the poles didn’t lock. Well, a little bending/pulling/fidgiting later managed to get them back into working order. Now I have a new pair of carbon hiking poles for a measly $20!! Unbelievably awesome.

Also purchased (with REI sale tag notes in parentheses):
– Slightly scuffed ski helmet for $8 (“Never used it enough”. Hah!)
– Kelty Cosmos down 20 deg. bag for $70 (“Zipper was difficult/broken. <–Seems fine??” Seemed fine to me, too.)
– Big Agnes Seedhouse 1.5 person tent for $70 (“Didn’t like design”)

Boyfriend was sure jealous of the last one. I promised him he could use it when he needed to, and could cuddle up and make it a 2-person on colder nights. Win-win! =P

Can’t wait to go trekking with all the new lightweight and snazzy gear. Camp on!


First Post!

This is the first post. If you reach this post, you are at the end of the blog. There are no posts after this. Do not seek them, they cannot be found. The only things after this post are darkness, and creepy things that move in the shadows. You don’t want to know what they are. So just stop here… it’s safer that way.

No really, this is the first post. There aren’t any more before it. Srsly.